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    • Zhang Weilun: Chairman & General Manager

      Education background:
      1993, he graduated from Wuhan University, with major in Industrial and Civil Construction;
      Work experiences:
      2005-up to now, he established China's first generation real estate development and management company - Guangzhou Willsun Real Estate Co., Ltd. in 2005, appointed as General Manager & Chairman;
      2002-2004: Executive vice president in Aoyuan Group
      2003-2004: President of Wanhong Group, a listed company in China
      1999-2002: serve in Aoyuan Group (now China Aoyuan Real Estate Group, a H.K. listed company), President of Aoyuan Guangzhou, Aoyuan Nanguo, Aoyuan Nansha, Aoyuan Fanyu and Aoyuan Tianluhu; Among them, Olympic Garden Project by Nanguo was sold of 150,000 square meters within 15 days at that year after launching, which was awarded as the top title in China Famous Real Estate in Year 2001 Household Fair.
      1997-1999: serve in Shimizu, Japan
      1996; serve in Canon, Japan
      1995-1996: serve in Sankyo, Wuhan
      1993-1994: serve in Wuhan Branch, Construction Bank
      Work performance:
      2005, TOP 100 Youth Leader in China Real Estate
      2004, he was appraised as one of the Top 100 Chinese Enterprisers in Real Estate Industry;
      2003, he was appraised as one of the Top 100 Chinese Professional Managers in Real Estate Industry; and he was engaged as the MBA guest professor in SUN YAT-SEN UNIVERSITY.
      Editor in chief of the book Super Engine - Practical Skills of Aoyuan.
    • Chen Guanghong:Director & Deputy General Manager

      Education Background :
      1992, he graduated from SUN YAT-SEN UNIVERSITY majoring in Business Administration.
      Work experiences :
      2005-up to now, he worked with Guangzhou Willsun Real Estate Co., Ltd as Chairman Executive Deputy General Manager;
      2004-2005, he worked with Aoyuan Corporation (Group) Nansha Branch as Deputy General Manager;
      2001-2004, he worked with Aoyuan Integrated Real Estate Corporation, as Marketing Supervisor of Guangzhou Olympic Garden, General Manager Assistant for Nanguo Olympic Garden, Deputy General Manager for Panyu Olympic Garden, General Manager Assistant for Tianluhu Aoyuan Garden, General Manager for Foshan Olympic Garden.
      Work performance:
      Ten years of experience in real estate, successfully operated a number of large scale branded real estate projects in Guangzhou independently;
      In charge of the full course development of Foshan Olympic Garden which has become the first model of successful operation of real estate brands and management outsourcing.
    • Simone Liu Director & Deputy General Manager

      Education Background :
      He graduated from JINAN UNIVERSITY in 2000 with the major of Chinese Language and Literature.
      Work experiences :
      He takes the position of Director & Deputy General Manager in Guangzhou Willsun Real Estate Co.,Ltd. from 2005;
      He took the position of publicity planning director, general manager assistant in Guangzhou Olympic Park Complex Real Estate Management CO., LTD. and positioned from 2003 to 2005;
      He took the position of market planner in the Project Management Center of Guangzhou under New World China Land Limited from 2001-2003;
      He took the position of business editor in China.com Guangzhou Branch.
      Work performance:
      Nine-year experience working in real estate sector, he severed in Project Management Center of Guangzhou under the New World China Land Limited, engaged in marketing and brand publicity. In 2003, he joined Olympic Park corporation, engaged in planning for projects in the earlier stage, study on products and marketing planning and implementation in the later stage; he once took the position of planning manager, general manager assistant, publicity planning director; he participated in and accomplished earlier-stage planning for projects of Nansha抯 Olympic Park, Tianlu Lake Olympic Park, Chong Qing Times, Sanya Sun Dynasty; he had finished the marketing and planning for projects of DYNA TOWN, 1stReal Estate expo, 2004 China (Guangzhou) International Commercial Property Exposition.