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    • Guizhou Anshun.Military Outpost

      Address: Guizhou Anshun Tianlong
      Type: Composite real estate
      Construction area: 200,000m2
      Total investment: RMB 470,000,000
      Investors: Guizhou Daming Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
      Cooperation date: December 2011
      Cooperation mode: Development consultant
      This project is located at Tianlong village, Tianlong Town, Pingba County, Anshun City. The investor is Guizhou Daming Real Estate Development Company. Depending of the diversified industrial composition and the special culture of military outpost since Ming Dynasty, it has been constructed as the most rich and colorful leisure and recreation center in Guizhou Province and it has realized the promotion of the regional tourist market.
    • Hubei Wuhan.Jiangxia Manchester

      Address: Hubei Wuhan Jiangxia
      Type: Composite real estate
      Construction area: 1,000,000m2
      Total investment: RMB 2,700,000,000
      Investors: Hubei Conglin Agriculture Ecology Co., Ltd.
      Cooperation date: March 2012
      Cooperation mode: Development consultant
      This project is located at Zhengdian Town, Jiangxia District, Wuhan City, Hubei. The investor is Hubei Conglin Agriculture Ecology Co., Ltd. Depending on the unique culture and rich human landscape of Hubei Province, this project has unified the three large industries i.e. agriculture, travel and business. Taking Manchester as the interpretation ideal, it has been created as a renowned international health promotion garden in Wuhan.
    • Hubei Enshi.Orient Colored Glaze World

      Address: Hubei, Enshi
      Type: Composite real estate
      Construction area: 5 km2
      Total investment: RMB 4,500,000,000
      Investors: Jiaze Equity Investment Fund Co., Ltd.
      Cooperation date: August 2011
      Cooperation mode: Development consultant
      This project is located at Longfeng Town, Enshi City. The investor is Jiaze Equity Investment Fund Company, Limited. It includes industries, such as, farmland, temples, reservoir, hotels, hospitals, schools, residence, and stores and so on. Leading by Buddhism culture, it is a comprehensive development project that coalesced agriculture, tourism and health promotion.
    • Guangzhou Panyu.Jinshan Center

      Address: Panyu, Guangzhou
      Type: Commercial estate
      Construction area: 180,000m2
      Total investment: RMB 1,630,000,000
      Investors: Panyu Real Estate Joint Development Controlling Company
      Cooperation date: April 2010
      Cooperation mode: Development consultant
      This project is located at south extending line of the new axis of Guangzhou. Spots of single villa office buildings which are connected by the line of assorted recreational commerce are all in the surface of ecological afforesting; all these elements are coalesced together into the headquarters base model of business, reaction and vocation in mainland.
    • Guangdong Zhanjiang. China Communication Wisdom Harbor

      Address: Zhanjiang, Guangdong
      Type: house real estate (three old transformer)
      Construction area: 54,000m2
      Total investment: RMB 2,670,000,000
      Investors: CCCC Fourth Harbor Engineering Co. Ltd.
      Cooperation date: September 2011
      Cooperation mode: Development consultant
      Located at the joint of Binhai Road and Longhai Road in Zhanjiang, composed of former Xiahai Courtyard and the land belonged to machinery bureau, the project is part of the Three Old Transform Project. Depending on the opportunity of new CBD developing in this district, the project has been constructed into the top commercial center in Zhanjiang district and is mainly aimed at middle and high grade business customers.
    • Gold peak, Water town,Kunming, Yunnan

      Location: Kunming Yunnan
      Type: Complex real estate
      Floor area: 2,200,000 square meters
      Total investment: 4 billion yuan
      Investor: Gold Peak Industries(Holding)Limited
      Time of cooperation:June, 2010
      Mode of cooperation: Development Consultant

      This project is a great-scale project of transforming the villages in the urban area in Kunming City, aiming at the clients with middle or high income. It makes full use of the landscape resources by getting close to beautiful scenery of Xishan, and forges the most beautiful new town with water scenery so as to maximize the yields for investors.

    • Dexin Dragon City, Pei County, Jiangsu

      Location: Pei County, Xuzhou, Jiangsu
      Type:Complex real estate
      Floor area: 1,430,000 square meters
      Total investment: 4.5 billion yuan
      Investor: DoThink Holdings LTD.
      Time of cooperation: February, 2010
      Mode of cooperation: Development Consultant

      With a market under development, the project uses its scale-advantage to play the engine role with the favorable condition of locating the new-city*s center in the mode of complex real estate, and to satisfy the demand of improvement.

    • Guangzhou Bay Times Square,Zhanjiang, Guangdong

      Location:Zhanjiang Guangdong
      Type: Complex real estate
      Floor area: 167,000 square meters
      Investor:Silver Base Group Holdings Limited
      Time of cooperation:January, 2010
      Mode of cooperation: Development Consultant

      Located in the center of Zhanjiang City, this project has been newly defined as a new place in the center of city for entertainment and recreation by WILLSUN in 2010 and it will transform the old-town in the past to the most beautiful city card in Zhanjiang.

    • Taixing Low-carbon Valley,Taixing, Jiangsu

      Location:Taixing, Jiangsu Province
      Type: Complex real estate
      Floor area: 21 square kilometers
      Investor:Taixing Municipal Government
      Time of cooperation: October,2009
      Mode of cooperation: Development Consultant

      It is a project of comprehensive cooperation including project location, garden construction, bidding for investments from overseas between Taixing municipal government and WILLSUN. Taixing low-carbon valley puts the concept of environmental protection into full use in every procedure in industry, residence and energy, makes the gingko's green concept integrated into the whole concept of plan and design, and unites occupants centers, commerce and trading centers which play the role of residential district, industrial park, energy area as one through two axes in East-city Street and Ginkgo Street, facilitating the economy to develop towards a green, eco-cycle system. It will become a beautiful city card in Yangtze River Delta economic circle after its completion.

    • Wanbo's commercial harbour, Guangzhou, Guangdong

      Location:Shiqiao Panyu Guangzhou Guangdong
      Type: Commercial estate
      Floor area: 130,000 square meters
      Total investment: 570 million yuan
      Investor: Guangdong Industry and Commerce (Union)
      Time of cooperation: April, 2010
      Mode of cooperation: Development Consultant

      This project takes the opportunity of developing business demand in Guangzhou and creating new Panyu to unearth the development potential in the new region, to take on creating support products in the commercial region with the concentration effect of the economy, and to forge special products by clients due to the effect of industrial cluster so as to achieve the goal of generating profits.

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