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    Definition of WS:W---Willsun/Web/Whole S---System
              Willsun/Web/Whole System (WS) is a management system with integration as the center, with the Willsun/Web/Whole Management System (WMS) and Willsun / Web / Whole Project System (WPS) as the base, and with whole effect management, whole efficiency management and whole benefit management as the purpose.
    Willsun’s Two Core Systems –Willsun/Web/Whole Management System (WMS)
              Willsun/Web/Whole Management System (WMS) concentrates on lengthways integration, and bases on management experience and management system, with whole decision making management, whole execution management and whole monitoring management as the purpose.
      WMS – Scale benefit
    The development of real estate projects is a systematic and huge management process, the lack or error of any stage of which will impact the success of the project. Willsun/Web/Whole Management System (WMS) standardizes the project management system, and provides the interface between the investment company and the management company to improve the combination ability of the project and the company to resist risks.
    Willsun’s Two Core Systems –Willsun / Web / Whole Project System (WPS)
      W---Willsun / Web / Whole P---Project S---System
    Willsun / Web / Whole Project System (WPS) concentrates on transverse integration, and bases on management experience and management system, with whole positioning management, whole operation management and whole marketing management as the purpose..
      WPS – Combination benefit
    Real estate projects often need to consider the combination of different products rather than developing a single product, and whether the combination is reasonable decides whether the project is reasonable. Willsun / Web / Whole Project System (WPS) standardizes the project development system, and realizes the development combination of different property types and the operation combination of different business modes to ensure the return on investment.